Mountain development: Questions of fairness

“I’m not sure it’s fair to deny this (4633 Sumas Mountain Road) development,” said Coun. Lynne Harris.

It seems extremely fair to me to withhold council’s rubberstamping of another development on Sumas Mountain until the study on the effects previous developments had on property downhill and downstream are available.

If we are speaking of lack of fairness it seems extremely unfair to: 1) be making this decision without waiting for the IMSP study that would show whether development has negatively impacted property downhill and downstream; 2) that council in prior years routinely rubberstamped developments without studying what effect development had on property downhill and downstream; 3) to sneak the matter back before council for approval after deferring the decision on the development at a meeting attended by those who own property downhill and downstream; 4) to hold a re-vote when one of those who originally voted on the matter wasn’t present – especially given that councillor voted to wait for the report on the effect development has had.

Or perhaps Coun. Harris meant it was not fair to the developer not to rubberstamp the development but to use evidence (the ISMP study) in making the decision on whether to approve the development.

Or perhaps Coun. Harris meant it was not fair to put the interests of Abbotsford’s citizens and area residents ahead of the interests of the developer?

“Coun. Lynne Harris said after “serious reflection” away from the “emotion of the table,” she had “changed her mind.”

So Coun. Harris was unwilling to stand up and face Abbotsford citizens whose property will be negatively impacted by the development  in a forthright manner and vote to approve the development, but is quite willing to slither into a council meeting where she would not be facing those whose property will be negatively impacted by the development and sell out the interests of those citizens ?

There are several words that describe the behaviour of Coun. Harris vis-à-vis this development, but there was nothing fair in her betrayal of the residents of the properties downhill and downstream.

James W. Breckenridge


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