Medical marijuana government approved madness

Years ago, the famous group The Beatles sang “Let it Be” ...

Years ago, the famous group The Beatles  sang  “Let it Be” – code words for running from our problems by smoking marijuana which they termed “Mother Mary.”

Now, thanks to some people here, we can be assured of enduring indifference to any pain or anything else through “Mother Mary” – medicinal marijuana.

A new brave clinic has opened its doors for “suffering patients,” who can claim a need for this marvelous miracle for self-induced Nirvana – complete indifference to whatever is, or may be happening, to us or around us.

No longer need we be concerned about anyone else objecting to the hazards of the marijuana fumes or any second-hand smoke resulting from the smoking. We should just “Let it Be.”

We can be assured of a doctor’s okay to just go ahead with this perpetual indulgence. True, a doctor – on staff of the clinic, of course – will have to “approve the application” for immunity from interference from any neighbour, worried about  the nauseous and noxious fumes drifting over from this supposed  “medical procedure.”

No need to fear any poisonous effects on children’s fragile constitutions either. The “good doctor” will have granted permission.

Is there nothing we can do to stop this inexcusable madness – a madness actually permitted by our federal government?

George Bochenek