Lily pads spoiling Mill Lake

I’ve lived in Abbotsford since 1992 and I cannot recall seeing any story addressing the growth of the lily pads in Mill Lake.

I’ve lived in Abbotsford since 1992 and I cannot recall seeing any letter or news story addressing the concerns of the growth of the lily pads in our beautiful Mill Lake.

So, I would like to throw the spotlight on this problem.

Every year the insidious growth just continues to cover more of the lake area.

If one looks at the southwestern corner of the lake, the view of the pads is quite alarming.

In the past, I can remember seeing people in a “harvester-looking” vessel cutting the lily pads at the stems.

As a matter of fact, one can still see this dilapidated boat docked at the eastern end of the lake.  I don’t know for sure, but I’m surmising that these folks were volunteers doing this work.

It did not last long, perhaps because it was not effective.

I would like to know what city hall is doing to address this issue.

I understand money is tight, but we do seem to be able to find some to put up things like public art projects.

Centennial Park and Mill Lake are, in my opinion, one of the biggest assets Abbotsford has for recreation.

Many people use the area every day, yet we’re letting the lake go downhill.

It really spoils it and cannot be good for the health of water quality, and the fish in it.

If a harvester, or some other machine, was put back into service, I would be personally willing to volunteer with this program.

I’m sure others would, too, so we could restore the beauty of our lake.

A lake like this, in the middle of a growing city like ours, is worth a lot.

So, when will something be done?


Reynold Nugter

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