LETTERS: Tired of blowhard political attack ads

I am tired of all these parties thinking the best way to get a vote is slamming the other parties.

Please take the high road when it comes to advertising.

It is easy to slam someone else.

We teach our children not to name-call others.

We train our sales reps that when they are out prospecting not to belittle the competition but rather focus on the values and benefits that our company can bring to the customer.

We get nowhere trying to belittle the competition.

Yet here are the supposed leaders in our country simply belittling the other party leaders.

You may not agree with all their policies, but each one of the parties truly believe that they have the best interest in Canada.

I don’t really care if no one speaks for the Liberal party but Iggy, because at the end of the day, no one speaks for the Conservative party but Mr. Harper or for the NDP than Jack Layton. I have yet to see any party allow their members to vote their conscience as opposed to holding the party line.

Also, stop making us think that we are so naive to think that no other party would spend money on the protection of our country and not spend any money on military equipment.

Let the other parties use negative attack ads and concentrate on telling Canadians what you will do as a party if elected in your ads.

I know who I am voting for, but I know many who are undecided, and are tired of the blowhard ads of negative attack.

Someone out there, please take the high road and you may just be surprised to find your leader on Sussex Drive.


Neal Diamond