LETTERS: Better off walking than trying to take transit

Lack of bus information explains lack of passengers

I saw your article on buses in Abbotsford (March 27).

I am new to Abbotsford and will need to travel by BC Transit. Last week, I decided to get information on bus routes and schedules. Impossible!

Went to BC Transit Abbotsford web page. The bus route map is a white background with straight lines placed helter skelter on the page.  No street names on these lines at all, no indication where is north. Buses are indicated as No.1, No.2, No. 3 etc. No names or where these buses travel to or from.

Needless to say, if people who do not have a car wanted to get around in this town, they would be better off walking. I ended up calling for info and was able to get the route of one bus I will need to take, but do not know the schedule of said bus route, or where it stops for the matter.

I guess this would explain the lack of passengers.

Louise Brunelle