LETTER: Years to make up for the wages lost during strike

In a comparably rich country like Canada, it is time to be thankful for what we have

In a TV news report on the teachers’ strike, a young lad remarked,  “It’s time the adults grow up!” This prompted me to share some thoughts on this subject.

For the most part I have great admiration and respect for those who choose the teaching profession. Their job is often stressful and I could not handle this line of work.

That said however, I have less respect for the BCTF leadership. They are adamant that their unaffordable monetary demands on the taxpayer are met or they will keep their members out of the classroom, no matter that other union sectors have settled for less.

When the teachers eventually get back to work with a reasonable raise, it will take many years to make up for the wages lost during the strike.  No one wins.

Then the whole process begins again.  As a three-quarter-century-old senior, I have seen this happen time and again.

Are teachers’ wages and benefits truly inadequate? Once established, a well-qualified teacher most likely has a job for life with a generous medical, dental and sick leave plan and a pension plan which they can access earlier than most folks.  Probably about 60 per cent of people, including myself, have none of the above.

I heard lately that some private school teachers have taken a reduction in wages.  Now we are supposed to pay higher taxes so BCTF members can have more benefits?  I do support additional funding in certain areas, such as for students with special needs.

In a comparably rich country like Canada, I think it is time to be thankful for what we have, live within our means, and stop striving to accumulate ever more possessions

Art Hoock