LETTER: Why accept the conditions from Kinder Morgan?

To: Mayor Braun and Council –

This letter is to express my strong opposition and disappointment in the recent decision to accept a payment of $1.3 million from Kinder Morgan to build a clubhouse at Ledgeview Golf Course which is owned by the City.

I strongly object to the use of these funds for the stated purpose versus putting these towards projects and/or agencies that are family oriented.

Why on earth would we accept “conditions” from Kinder Morgan indicating we can use these funds for a clubhouse only? Especially when the City owns the property, and Kinder Morgan needs the 30 kilometres of our land more than we need a clubhouse.

If these so called “conditions” remain, walk away from this bribe.

Why would we consider a clubhouse in the first place? Why would we consider a one-time lump sum? Why not determine and charge annually the economic benefit Kinder Morgan receives for the use of our 30 kms of land? It’s our land they need, not a clubhouse.

The agreement indicates staff are to provide council with two items: A) Other options to be considered, and B) A detailed business plan confirming the financial viability of the new clubhouse.

In this regard, I have three questions: 1) What is meant by the word options? Options for use of the $1.3 million? 2) Will the business plan be prepared independently and at arm’s length? 3) What happens if the financial viability is not proven?

I also note the agreement does not indicate the square footage of the proposed clubhouse and the estimated price per square foot.

I would like to thank Coun. Ross for voting against this proposal and supporting the general consensus of the taxpayers.

Barry Bodell

Abbotsford, BC.