LETTER: We’re next after mammals and birds

I cannot believe someone actually wrote in saying to cull a wild bird...

I cannot believe someone actually wrote in saying to cull a wild bird.

We have a hard enough time keeping those few left alive.

To both letter-writers – the one about the crows and then the one about the geese – I say shame.

You are the people who teach our children to have no respect for wildlife.

We’ve caused the atmosphere to have holes so the sun is burning the Earth.

The air we breathe is so bad the plants and trees die from suffocation.

The birds are slowly disappearing, leaving us to defend ourselves against bugs.

We can almost walk on some parts of the ocean, due to us putting tons of trash and toxic waste into it. Mammals are starving because we have to over-eat and be fat on seafood.

The animals are being killed off because we have broken the chain of life. Each animal has a role. Now we build houses right in their backyards and complain.

How silly is this? You have a house built by a farm built in 1948 and then they complain of smells and sounds.

Take away the farms and your children can eat grass.

The geese used to be able to fly free, now they can’t. You want them culled more.

Well, too bad! Step around the poo. It’s part of life.

I miss the sounds and seeing geese, plus many other animals.

The crows are sick because there is no natural food or enough water. That goes for all the animals.

Our wonderful Canadian goose will be gone soon enough.

But take heed. When these mammals, birds and animals are gone, we will be next.


Mrs. J. Rae