LETTER: We owe our MLAs appreciation

Anyone who is willing to get into politics is a very special person...

The letter from Debbie Gove  in the Sept.17th edition of your paper  “Corporate tax cuts the cause of educational fiasco” is a bit puzzling.She writes in part that “2001 the Liberals introduced huge tax cuts for corporations and upper income earners” Gove did not mention the cancellation of the Education Union agreement which may have been an oversight?

Let’s go back a bit before 2001 when the NDP were in power. Were there not problems when they were in power?Did they not have a multi-million payout to the Medical Profession on an arbitrated settlement? Were not businesses and executives  leaving the Province for other areas with affordable tax structures? A short time before the election did  the governing party not negotiate some sweetheart deals with some public service unions? Was not the Province’s credit rating being degraded? What was the financial position of the province at that time? Was there not a down turn in the economy shortly after the Liberals were returned to power? Did they not weather this time better than most Provinces? If I am wrong, please correct me.

I feel that we owe our present Government and all MLA’s, regardless of party, a huge vote appreciation. Anyone who is willing to get into politics is a very special person. If a politician is doing a good job, send them “bouquets not bricks.”

Eric Myrholm, Abbotsford