LETTER: Unsung heroes making a difference

The late G. Jack Harris has left a legacy of kindness

On Saturday, March 22, many members of the Abbotsford community said goodbye to an incredibly kind and talented lawyer, G. Jack Harris.

I was privileged to know Jack, both in and out of the courtroom; he is renowned for his enormous charitable contributions, his countless stories of a life well-lived and his wonderful sense of humour. At the end of the service, we were called to continue Jack’s legacy by finding our own ways to be generous and giving in our own lives.

I would like to commend members of the community who have shown Jack’s example, people doing “little” things that have wide-ranging effects. In the week since his service, I have had a couple stop at the side of the road to change my flat tire, a kind woman in a maroon van pay for my order at Tim Hortons, another woman go out of her way to give me her parking spot at the hospital and a woman take a picture and call me to see if she has found my missing cat.

These are the unsung heroes of everyday life, doing kind gestures just to benefit someone else. It made a difference to me and my children and now I wonder if we, like these people, can take the challenge to be better people in our own lives. Just like the late and great Jack Harris did.

Sandra Di Curzio