LETTER: Understanding the vaccination debate

Letter-writer recalls talking young son to be vaccinated in the early 1970s.

There is no debate on vaccinations. There is only what the government tells us (through the media) what we should do. Those that don’t believe them don’t have a voice just a choice.

In England in 1972, my wife took my young son to be vaccinated. The doctor told her that a percentage of those vaccinated would have brain damage and said if you want your son vaccinated to go to someone else as he didn’t want that responsibility.

Relatives however, had their healthy son vaccinated and he became autistic and epileptic and died at 11 years old in an epileptic seizure. A coincidence? In September 2014 an Italian court awarded compensation to a boy who got autism after receiving a routine vaccination against six childhood diseases which allegedly caused the child’s autism and gave him permanent brain damage.

Pharmaceutical companies want to sell drugs and vaccines; they don’t want good health anymore than armament manufacturers want peace. If the Earth’s population was in good health and peaceful the pharmaceuticals and arms manufacturers would be out of work.

Gary Huntbatch, Abbotsford