LETTER: Traffic keeps on moving, while pedestrians are at risk

I also am a pedestrian and on several occasions have very nearly been hit.

I would like to add to Colin King’s comment in the Thursday, March 14 edition of the Abbotsford News.

I also am a pedestrian and on several occasions have very nearly been hit.  The most horrible experience was when I was crossing Gladwin Road on South Fraser Way. I was halfway through the crosswalk, the walk sign was still on, when three trucks saw a chance to turn left and without regard to me turned, going north, I had to jump back several steps to avoid being hit.

Another place that is very dangerous is where Gladwin meets South Fraser Way. Motorists come roaring down South Fraser Way to turn right onto Gladwin without checking the crosswalk.

Colin King was told that traffic must keep moving; however, how will the motorist feel who eventually kills a pedestrian in order to keep traffic moving?

Bodil Frederickson

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