LETTER: Time for a change of school trustees

It’s time that our school board is pro-teacher instead of pro-governmen

As the election for Abbotsford School Board approaches in November I would like to suggest that we start fresh with new candidates. I attended a board meeting in June and was appalled at the disrespect that was shown to the teachers by the board. Here is my Facebook post right after the meeting:

June 18/2014

Last night I attended the Abbotsford School Board meeting (in the middle of a volatile and chaotic strike/lockout situation). There was a large showing of teachers there, all very respectful and quiet. The meeting began with the chair saying there needed to be a change in the agenda? so the agenda was changed from the question time for questions about anything,to the questions only pertaining to the agenda. The meeting proceeded with a long discussion on the raises the board would receive starting in November after the election. However, each of the board expects to be re-elected. After enduring a very long meeting it was question time. The teachers worked to include in their questions, the agenda. The chair announced that the question period would be 10 minutes long. There were four people who had questions; three were allowed to speak and the four were left standing there, ignored, as the chair closed the meeting. Teachers were ignored, board members walked right past them and would not talk with them. Folks, this is our school board. Do we want these people running our school system? I think not. In November it’s time for a change. Abbotsford is affectionately known as the Bible belt, I saw no Christian behaviour in these so-called leaders of our board. No compassion, caring or even consideration to those teachers who are molding the children of our future.

It’s time for a change, it’s time that our school board is pro-teacher instead of pro-government, it’s time to stand up for what’s right, no matter whose toes are stepped on, and it’s time for a presence of the board in our schools. We should not be bullied by this government but stand up for our children who are our future. If there are potential candidates out there, I encourage you to run for school board and be courageous against what is so obviously wrong for our families. It doesn’t cost anything to run, but at what cost are we letting the current board ruin our education system.

Arlene Ambrose