LETTER: Things to do instead of smoking pot

My main concern is the way the pro-marijuana lobby is promoting this product as a heath enhancer.

In the past several days there has been a great deal of hype regarding the “4/20” smoke-in in Vancouver.

Being an octogenarian, I fail to understand the perceived importance of this event, where approximately 30,000 individuals gather to smoke and promote the possibly addictive, harmful drug marijuana.

Being at my stage of life, I have several concerns  and questions regarding the pro-marijuana stance on this illegal product. I am not opposed to medically, professionally prescribed marijuana.

My main concern is the way the  pro-marijuana lobby is promoting this product as a heath enhancer. There have also been statements made such as “parents should not be concerned about use by youth; there should not be any age restrictions for use; and it’s OK to drive after use.

Hopefully there can be some intelligent answers to my questions.

Why should I smoke marijuana? Because it is my right to decide what I put in my body?

Why would I want to put this drug in my body?  Is it to drown out my daily frustration? Because I am bored and need something to get me motivated? It makes me forget about my daily problems?

What would I do instead of smoking pot? How about getting involved in the community such as visiting seniors in nursing homes, taking them for walks or coffee, hiking in our beautiful country, upgrading job skills, helping a neighbour, etc.

Eric Myrholm, Abbotsford