LETTER: Thank you kind stranger

I knew that this is what an angel looks like and always keep this vision in my memory bank...

I wish to publicly thank the kind gentleman who went out of his way to help me and prevent a serious accident on Jan. 9.

I was travelling on Highway 1 from Chilliwack to Abbotsford. It was a beautiful windy morning and I was driving in the left-hand lane when an object hit my car. I checked all my windows and I couldn’t see any damage, then I heard a whistle and slowed down, sensing something was wrong; just then a white vehicle pulled up beside me, the driver was frantically waving me down. I pulled into the right lane and slowly came to a stop on the side, realizing that I did indeed have a very flat tire.

The driver of the white truck with a canopy stopped and backed up to my location, jumped out to tell me that something had hit my tire, causing it to flatten within seconds. He had never seen a tire go that flat so quickly. He looked at the flat tire and asked me if I had a spare, which I did, and it was under three bags of 40-pound landscaping rocks which I had placed there to add weight to the car in case of a snowstorm.

I asked what his name was and he said to call him angel, and then softly said “Ed.” Then he proceeded to unload the trunk, instructed me to get in the car and wait inside as it was very windy. The tire was changed in 10 minutes, the trunk was reloaded and just before I went over to thank him and offer a small token of my appreciation, I told myself to take a good look at this awesome man who appeared in my life just when I needed help.

I knew that this is what an angel looks like and always keep this vision in my memory bank. He refused the token of appreciation, saying he couldn’t sleep at night if he accepted money and told me to pass it on.

This letter is late as I came down with a bad cold, but the memory of his grey hair blowing in the wind and sparkling eyes reinforced my belief that there are more wonderful people in this world than there are non-caring humans. Thank you Ed for being an alert driver, for stopping and for changing the flat tire. I wish you a very good life.

Maryann Madore