LETTER: Spot the double standard

The Law Society of BC's board of governors voted overwhelmingly to rescind previously granted accreditation to TWU...

The Law Society of BC’s board of governors voted overwhelmingly to rescind previously granted accreditation to TWU’s (Trinity Western University) law school.

How bizarre to read that the entity upon which B.C.’s legal system relies, seems unable to recognize and reject such a blatant miscarriage of justice.

One would expect that the Law Society of BC and those trained in Canadian law would be able to readily distinguish the fundamental difference between legality and ideology, yet those 74 per cent of practicing lawyers who so voted, seem incapable of separating the wheat from the chaff.

How can the public be expected to have respect for a legal system that seeks to dictate that regardless of your competency, if your moral code differs from our own, you are ineligible to give or receive training in the law.

What legal justification can possibly be made for blocking the training of young people in the theory and practice of the law and the stipulation by those teaching it, that any student wishing to be taught by them abide by a particular moral code? There is none.

Those who attend TWU rather than some other university, choose to do so in full knowledge of its standards, i.e., it’s a personal covenant between student and institution, ergo, nobody else’s business but their own.

Attempts to make a link between TWU’s in-house requirements and an abrogation of Canada’s constitution is illegitimate and a deliberate muddying of the waters – an attempt to justify injustice.

Ironically, those objecting to TWU’s standards are using bullying tactics to impose their own moral code. It doesn’t take a lawyer to quickly spot the double standard.

N. E. Hoyle,