LETTER: Society is ignoring epidemic of poverty and homelessness

Abbotsford needs a supervised injection facility similar to the one in Vancouver

Re: Letter, “Compassion Isn’t shared”

If we want to help the homeless people in Abbotsford, I don’t think “mowing the dude down” with you van is the best option. Our society is so distasteful towards homeless people, but isn”t willing to help out. Abbotsford needs a supervised injection facility, similar to the one in Vancouver, which will help provide a harm reduction option for the homeless people, who were more than often brought up in to a life of hardship. If we don’t address all avenues to reduce poverty and homelessness, our society is basically ignoring the epidemic. It’s difficult for some people to have compassion for those who weren’t as lucky in our consumerist society, but “mowing the dude down” with your van won’t solve any of the issues our society faces.

Dan Crich

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