LETTER: Should city endorse what some consider immoral?

On Monday, Abbotsford city council voted to fly the “Fraser Valley Pride” flag at city hall for a week during July.

On Monday, Abbotsford city council voted to fly the “Fraser Valley Pride” flag at city hall for a week during July.

The council was responding to the following request:

“As part of the Fraser Valley Pride Celebration, we would like to request that the pride flag be raised alongside the other flags at city hall for the week of July 13-20. Also we would like to request that the Ware Street crosswalk be repainted using the pride flag colours prior to July 13 and be a permanent symbol of pride, diversity and inclusiveness in the city.”

In general, pride groups have as their main distinctive their particular views on sex, and their sexual practices. They tend to believe that “anything goes” between consenting individuals. Such views and practices are typically opposed by Bible-believing Christians, as well as by others in our community.

So the question is: Should our city council be offering official support to views or practices that many in our community regard as sexual immorality?

There is no doubt that the views and practices of pride groups are fully legal. The federal government decriminalized a variety of sexual behaviours some decades ago. But does the fact that sexually immoral behaviours are legal make them worthy of celebrating?

“Celebration” is what this is about. Flag-raising signifies affirmation, approval and endorsement, and the wording of the request itself specifies celebration. But should our city leaders be sending a message to the youth of Abbotsford that sexual immorality is worthy to be affirmed, approved, endorsed, and celebrated?

Abbotsford city council passed their motion to raise the “pride flag” with a minimum of hasty discussion, and with no debate at all.

There was no apparent acknowledgment of the controversial, divisive nature of this matter. The comment was made that the city does not currently have a policy on flag-raising. But why should that omission automatically mean that any and every flag-raising proposal has to be honoured?

If you agree that the Abbotsford council has made an error in judgment, phone or email the mayor and councillors.

Richard Peachey, Abbotsford