LETTER: Short-sighted decision by teachers’ association

ADTA won't allow teachers to attend ASIA convocation at school

The convocation dinner and ceremony of the Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts, Sumas Mtn.,  is not being permitted to continue as planned at the school this Thursday because of the teacher strike.

The ceremony is planned for after the time of the strike but the Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association will not give permission for teachers to voluntarily attend if it’s held at the school.

The administration has scrambled to find a new venue, and the parent grad committee is working to change their plans, and facilitate the moving of all the needed furniture, equipment, and decor to the new site. The students care about their teachers (and the teachers truly care about the kids) and want them at the convocation.

So administration and parents will ensure the ceremony goes on, and it’s a great night for the kids. But it will be difficult for anyone there this Thursday to support the ADTA and their short-sighted decision.

The optics of this are that the ADTA wants to do more than strike for a new contract – they want to disrupt a major life event for these teenagers and their families.

Maple Melder Crozier