LETTER: Seniors want their fair share

Facing increased living expenditures with pensions that don't meet inflation

Our newly elected federal government came down with their budget, and once again, we ,the biggest group of individuals in our country, who built this country with our sweat and tears, who truly understood our duties and responsibilities in working hard, to put a roof over our heads, have the groceries required for our family on the table and hopefully live a healthy lifestyle, are combatting increase food costs, pharmaceutical costs and everyday living expenditures such as rent. Very little is left in our bank accounts, just surviving on present pensions, which do not meet inflation today.

We have been a proven force; we did our best. It’s our time now to live out our remaining days in respect and dignity. It’s a shame that some of our seniors today have to make a decision between purchasing groceries and required drug needs. Definitely, seniors require their fair share. Increase their old age pensions, with better breaks in pharmaceuticals.

We have given much to our country we too want our fair share.

Bill Thompson