LETTER: Scooter users should go through a medical test

Motors are quite powerful and can knock people down

Many times I have thought how wonderful the powered motor scooters are for people who are unable to walk on their own, and especially the very elderly. I would hope they realize the power that is moving these scooters.

Unfortunately, I had been knocked down just recently in a grocery store by one of these scooters. As well as a concussion, I was left with an eight-inch split in the back of my head. Seconds before being knocked down, I very clearly remember seeing quite an elderly lady in a scooter a short distance from me who I presume mistakenly shifted her scooter into high gear towards me.

After many tests at the hospital, I was informed that my brain was not damaged and as well was given a capacity test by my doctor, my memory being as excellent as before. At my age of almost 90, I feel quite fortunate and thankful.

Because these very powerful motor scooters are being used more frequently, I feel it should be mandatory for everyone using them that they go through an extensive test and definitely a doctor’s medical report and capacity test. I also feel there should be a re-testing every so often.

Evelyn Moore Ricard