LETTER: Sacrifices may be needed to resolve dispute

Perhaps some parents could take on more responsibility to help teachers

I was recently listening to a discussion with a member of the Surrey School District.

There seemed to be a great deal of emphasis that the lack of funding is responsible for most of the present educational problems. “Teachers are stressed due to student aggressive behaviour, designated learning problems, etc.,” I was told.

Is this a new trend? Does this affect all educators or are some capable of working through the situation(s)?

Do things fall apart when they are not exactly as we want them? Should we not work to resolve problems with available resources? As more resources become available could they then not then be added to improve the situation(s)?

Should educational professionals who prepare our children for life’s challenges and problems, who are unable to resolve problems amongst themselves, be teaching these skills to our children? Is it possible that some parents could take more responsibility in working with their children to assist the teachers?

If the BCTF and the employer want to resolve the current dispute, what is stopping them? There may have to be some sacrifices made.

Eric Myrholm, Abbotsford