LETTER: Rubbish pile eyesore

Who is responsible for removing such ugly rubbish? asks letter-writer

Does anybody care?

Yes, a large pile of rubbish is steadily spreading at the Gateway to Abbotsford, right along one of the main streets when entering Abbotsford off Mission Highway onto George Ferguson Way.

The ugly trash has been there in plain view for two months now. Sickening indeed.

It all started with a grocery buggy full of items. It grew steadily until one day the buggy was tipped over. Next the buggy disappeared, Now, eight weeks into its journey, this dumping sight is proudly raising its ugly head, and spreading,  as if it belongs there.

My sincere question is, just who, in management, is responsible to remove such ugly rubbish?

I can not help but wonder just how fast such garbage dumping site would be removed if it were started at the lawns of city hall.

So, who is responsible? City workers, residents or just nobody at all? Are there no rules to go by? Any taxpaying house owner creating such ugly messes would soon find a hefty fine on theirdoorstep. And rightly so. But, are City workers fully aware of their responsibilities?

So, what’s up anyhow? Let’s get some constructive action, please. And soon, preferably.

Gertie Pool, Abbotsford