LETTER: Result of choices

Mr. Timm’s Feb. 26 letter is a classic example of ad hominem arguing

Mr. Timm’s Feb. 26th letter is a classic example of ad hominem arguing; not a single fact or data to substantiate his vitriolic attack on our democratically elected members of local government.

Coun. Braun stated that the shelter would keep the residents off the street for two years. The only facility that will do that is a prison, not a ‘no-barriers’ residence that will allow the residents to come and go as they please.

Fifteen million dollars spent on a homeless shelter is money not spent on seniors, children or taxpayers who contribute to the tax base of the municipality.

Why don’t the councillors who supported the proposal, and the people who attended the rally, each take one homeless person into their home. Twenty years ago I did just that as I felt it was God’s will for me to do it. I received three things that affected me and my family’s life. The first was income – welfare gave me $400 a month, although my boarder attempted to have me split it with him. I refused, saying that since it was taxpayers’ money intended to cover rent that is where it should go.

The second benefit was gaining insight into the mind of a petty criminal – my boarder had spent most of his adult life in prison. If everyone could have this experience maybe we could find a better solution to the problems of substance abuse, crime and homelessness.

The third benefit was invaluable. My troubled preteen son had the opportunity to compare the choices that two men of the same age had made and where those choices would lead them. A child psychologist treating my son said that he was either going to be a brilliant scientist or a brilliant criminal.

I am proud of my son today and I credit his experiences with my boarder as being a major contributor to the choices he has made in his life: no drugs, a good job, a growing family and planning to build his own home.

David Evans, Abbotsford