LETTER: Proposed location was the problem

This whole Abbotsford second-stage housing controversy is really bothering me.

This whole Abbotsford second-stage housing controversy is really bothering me. I do agree we need a housing unit to support men in Abbotsford who are in need of supportive second-stage housing.

However, I am extremely confused why we would put this facility in downtown Abbotsford right in the midst of businesses, bars, traffic and possibly high-risk areas for people with addiction issues.

Why not put this facility in a more pleasant location for recovery or treatment?

Other second-stage facilities are spread around Abbotsford and in areas where people actually live or would like to live. How is putting people in this high-risk area meant to benefit the people who use the facility?

If we truly want people to be successful, wouldn’t we treat them like actual people and integrate them into the community more? I feel like Abbotsford was given only one option. Why not two options so we could avoid being so narrow minded.

When I think of second-stage units that are downtown and currently exist in the Fraser Valley, I consider them the less favourable options to which to refer people. Can we all take a moment to think about this?

Was this the best option for Abbotsford to locate a housing unit? Let’s keep our egos in check and weigh the pros and cons.

I know I don’t want to live downtown. How about you?

I love Abbotsford and I care about the homelessness issue too. I am thankful for council members who stood up for what they believed in even if it cost them a vote in the fall.

Those are truly people who are trying to look out for the best for Abbotsford.

Heather Izbicki, Abbotsford