LETTER: Private schools reflect families’ values and beliefs

Ethnic division is also a feature of public schools

I’m writing in response to the March 17 letter written by Robert T. Rock,  “Private schools are a form of social segregation.”

Mr. Rock makes some excellent points on how the private schools are not allowing different races to join as a community.

Unfortunately, private schools are not to blame for this in young adolescents. They have no control over which school they go to, and even if they did, it would not change anything.

I can honestly say that when I attended a public high school, it was the exact same division of the races. Even when most of us had classes together, that didn’t help us to start up conversations and make friendships with others, Most of us sat divided in the cafeteria from Grade 9 all the way to my Grade 12 year.

When a parent decides to send their child to a private school, it’s not to segregate them from others and make them think they can’t reach out to others their own age. It’s so they can be educated and grow friendships with the right kind of friends that share the same values and beliefs for the rest of their lives.

This has nothing to do with religion. It is simple to be friends with others who have different religious views. It is solely based on the fact that they want their children to be happy and with the people who have the same interests and views.

Kayla Hathaway