LETTER: Prime minister living in a fantasy world

Islamic terrorists are certainly at war with Canada

Re: “We’re not at war.”

(Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau must live in a fantasy world. Islamic terrorists are certainly at war with Canada.

I guess Trudeau conveniently forgot about the Parliament shootings, or the Quebecers recently killed by a Syrian refugee/terrorist last Fall, or the Toronto 18 gang, or the dozens of Canadians CSIS has acknowleged returning from Syria.Does he refuse to acknowledge what ISIS has publicly said themselves that they intend to infiltrate the Syrian refugee population with terrorists?

FBI director James Comey has testified that that the FBI cannot confirm who among the refugees is a terrorist because of lack of documentation and information.

Why is Trudeau putting the safety and security of Canadians at risk with his Syrian refugee “vanity project?” That is a dereliction of his most important priority safety of Canadians.

Tim Miller