LETTER: Please return plant

Trio of suspects stole Abbotsford senior's 10-year-old plant

This is a plea to the three white males in a white panel truck who took my nine-foot patio plant from my driveway in the 3100 block of Clearbrook Road on Oct. 10.

Please return this plant or pay $25. You have been observed and were seen driving around the corner of Clearbrook Road and Charlotte, stopping just short of this intersection to adjust the plant on the back of your truck, as it kept falling over.

The police know about this theft. It took me over 10 years to grow the plant that tall, just one short week after a car accident demolished my front yard landscaping that took all my energy, free time and sweat over the last 33 years.

I don’t believe I deserve such a cowardly act. Please do what’s right — return the plant or pay. You would really make this 70-plus years senior very happy if you gave it back.

Ann Johannsen