LETTER: Playing fields just visions of grandeur

Have they forgotten the disaster of the civic centre and the Heat?

As I pedal a bike in the gym, at the Matsqui Rec Center, I can see truck load after truck of gravel being hauled into the construction site of the future three artificial turf playing fields.

As each load comes in I feel a hand going deeper into my pocket. Do our civic politicians have visions of grandeur again? Are they going for a repeat performance, an encore? Have they forgotten the disaster of the civic centre and the Heat?There will be over 10 playing fields along Maclure Road between Gladwin  and Clearbrook. What kind of city planning is that?

Mark my words, there will be cost overruns. There is a water truck spraying water full-time to keep down the dust. Was that in the budget? I am sure there will be other so-called unforeseen expenses.They will tell us not to worry, as they budgeted for such expenses.They should tell not to worry, because they have our money!

As I continue pedalling, contemplating all this, there is no T V in the gym. The city`s two gyms have been without TV for close to two months.The private gyms would never do that to their patrons.They must show a profit.

I am sure the powers that be are not worried.They have our money.

Brian Gerty