LETTER: Play fair, Ms. Clark

Premier should end the current crisis in the public education system

An open letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark:

Dear Ms. Clark,

As a life-long B.C. resident, taxpayer, mother, grandmother and very concerned citizen, I expect you and your government to end the current crisis in our education system.

The current government’s posturing and misrepresentation of the real issues are unacceptable.

Your repeated appeals of the Supreme Court’s decision shows your contempt for the very systems you were elected to support and maintain.

This looks like trying to change the rules while the game is in play. Reminds me of schoolyard bullying. Surely we expect better from a democratically elected provincial government in 2014.

Politicians should realize their time in Victoria is fleeting at most.

Election to our legislature is a privilege that comes with a sober responsibility to serve all British Columbians equally and fairly. It’s never an opportunity to be partisan, parochial and self-serving.

The best way to develop a healthy, diverse and productive society is through a strong, cohesive and equally accessible public education system. We can’t ‘afford’ anything less.

Our public school teachers are a highly educated group of professionals who freely give their own time and energy outside daily their classrooms to make school a safe, positive place for all our children to flourish and thrive.

Teachers and students need to be in the classroom! You are currently responsible and you need to make it happen. Stop wasting time and do what you were elected to do. Play fair, Ms. Clark.

Kathy Jefferson