LETTER: Person responsible for manure dumping should be fired

A call that denigrates our citizens no matter the status.

An open letter to Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman:

As homeowners (non-resident) in Abbotsford we feel we need to address the recent issue of manure dumping in select areas of the city.  We were remiss in not contacting you sooner, however, with more in today’s newspaper we felt a letter was in order.

We are pleased to see it states in your bio on the website, Mr. Banman, that… “It is important to Bruce to support an inclusive community for everyone; elders, families, children, grandchildren and future generations.”  We therefore assume it was an oversight in neglecting to include the homeless and disenfranchised.  We are sure you are a man who is inclusive of all.

It is our contention no matter who made the decision to act in such a disgraceful and elitist manner as to put manure in public places,  that person should be fired and no longer receive a healthy city salary for making a call that denigrates our citizens no matter the status.

You as mayor are in the front lines and we sincerely hope you offer more than an apology.  There are many wonderful folks in Abbotsford who work and live with integrity and whoever is responsible for this atrocity should no longer have the privilege of a salary paid by the citizens of Abbotsford.

Patti Swinburne and Derwyn Tripp