LETTER: Parking at hospitals should be free

I have noticed the matter of charging for parking at hospitals has again been raised by City council in Abbotsford

I have noticed the matter of charging for parking at hospitals has again been raised by City council in Abbotsford.

Previously I have also raised the issue and sent messages both to the premier’s office and to the NDP.  The response from the premier’s office can only be described as disgusting in that it suggested they are concerned with the cost to the sick but were not going to do anything about it.  The Liberals are basically living up to the reputation they have had from the time I was a young lad.

One has to simply look at the example of the sponsorship scandal which was uncovered under the last federal Liberal government we had.

With respect to the issue at hand I do not believe anyone will argue against the fact that charging for parking at hospital is nothing less than a tax on the sick and their families.

It is totally immoral and to make matters worse the agent hired by the government receives 100% of the fines levied with the employee ticketing the vehicle getting a kick back.  There is absolutely no moral justification for this charge and our MLAs and premier are undoubtedly fully aware of this fact.

Despite this none of our MLA’s has yet stood up to deal with this matter.

The residents of Delta and Mission can thank previous municipal governments for passing bylaws that prohibit this abhorrent practice. If our provincial government is not prepared to deal with the matter, all municipal governments should take the matter in hand.

I would like to see some response from our elected MLAs regardless of what party they support and I am confident those affected by this immoral and repugnant practice would like to see some reasonable and appropriate action which can only mean making parking at hospitals free for patients and their families.

I, and undoubtedly all who are affected by this legalized robbery, await some meaningful response from our governments.


Frank Wirrell