LETTER: No such thing as a perfect government

Best choice for Canada is to re-elect Harper government

I have noted several articles and letters relating to the upcoming federal election severely criticizing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

Undoubtedly, there are some serious issues that need to be addressed, but in reviewing these issues we need to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect government. As citizens we need to review all aspects, and considering the fraud and deception experienced in previous Liberal governments the sponsorship scandal, the true cost of which will never be revealed to us despite the empty promises made by the then-Prime Minister Paul Martin. This was outright fraud, only a very small amount was uncovered, and it is reasonable to conclude the total cost to taxpayers exceeded one billion dollars.

In addition, we have Justin Trudeau loudly proclaiming legalization of drugs with no real concern for our young people. The argument will be made that drugs will be taxed, but even if that is true we have the knowledge that the tax collected on cigarettes and related products does not even begin to cover so much as one-third of the medical and related costs resulting from this addiction.

While I do not find our current federal government above reproach, I believe that if we carefully review the alternatives we will find the best choice for Canada is to re-elect the Harper government. There is simply too much dishonesty within the federal Liberals and the NDP to give them any real consideration.

Frank Wirrell