LETTER: New courthouse needs new location

Thanks for your fine summary of last year’s news. One item caught my attention.

Thanks for your fine summary of last year’s news.

One item caught my attention: the recommendation that a 14-courtroom courthouse shall be built in Abbotsford by 2018.

The needed structure should not be built on the present courthouse site. I consider the placement of our courthouse in what was Abbotsford’s natural “Central Park” to be the second most unwise decision made by our councillors, previously called aldermen. Probably the worst one was to assume that local Canuck fans would rise by the thousands to cheer Abbotsford’s affiliate of a Calgary team we hoped would regularly lose to our Vancouver heroes.

When I lived in this area as a teenager and young adult, the heavily-treed park was our pride and joy. Many events, ranging from family picnics to the regional fair, took place there. Thousands loved the place.

What do we have today? The 30 or so remaining large trees are surrounded by pavement and restricted parking. Being in trouble with the law gives one access. What a shame! In many cities the citizens and their councils would shout for joy and thank God for such a fine natural asset. Here, our local politicos spoiled and desecrated this beautiful site.

We taxpayers want our park back! We shouldn’t have to be accused or arraigned, or be a lawyer or judge, to enjoy it. Tear down the present court house. It’s a misfit. Build the new one over a parking lot and put the parking underneath. And while you are at  it, councillors, relocate the school board office as well.

There’s much space on the board’s Marshall Road property. Then replant trees. If you do, then I’ll vote for you next time.

John H. Redekop, Abbotsford