LETTER: Mix sand with tar to make snakes safer

Road safety inspectors should take suggestion seriously

Re: Too many tar snakes, July 23 edition.

I would concur with letter writer June Olsen about there being too many tar snakes on our roads. I am a resident of Abbotsford and work in Richmond.

Depending on the weather I commute using motorcycle or car. The tar snakes are not only too dangerous for bikers, it affects the cars and other vehicles during severe weather conditions, be it summer, winter, spring or rainy seasons.

The road leading to Alex Fraser bridge is most vulnerable and must have been a contributing factors to many accidents when a hard stopping is exercised. While road repairs are mandatory for the safety of its users, mixing tar with coarse sand particles while applying will provide better traction and improve safety for all users.

I strongly recommend that this request is seriously considered by the road safety inspectors of this province and implemented before precious life is lost.

Rajiv Chenavila