LETTER: Living angels come to the aid of woman

Passersby stop to rescue victim of a car accident in Abbotsford

I have lived in Abbotsford for 20 years, and until this afternoon I wouldn’t have ever said that I was proud to live here.

I witnessed a accident on Sumas Road just before the lights that merge onto the Mission Hwy.

My vehicle was directly behind the lady whose car lost control and flipped over and landed upside down in the ditch submerged in water. Within seconds a number of amazing brave people jumped out of their cars in the pouring rain to help get this woman out of her upside-down car. Young men running with no jackets on and a woman right behind me was the first to jump into the cold water to assist.

I was with my 11-year-old son who witnessed the entire ordeal. He even ran out to help as I called 911. To witness so many wonderful, caring people jump in to save this women touched our hearts so deeply.

I am so very, very proud today to say I live in Abbotsford. And thank you, kind citizens of Abbotsford, for not only saving this women’s life but for showing son that goodness does exist.

He was very shaken up.He had never witnessed a accident before. He is still coming up to me saying, “Weren’t those people angels, mom”!

Angels in the living did we see today! One ambulance, two fire trucks and numerous police officers arrived at the scene, but it was the people who jumped out of their vehicles that saved this woman’s life.


Iris Heckhausen


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