LETTER: Litterers are scumbags

Garbage on the side of the roads is absolutely disgusting

On my bike rides I travel quite often on Townline, Downes Road, and Glenmore.

The garbage on the side of the roads is absolutely disgusting. It is not noticeable when driving by in a car.

The lazy litterbugs are bad enough, leaving fast food containers and wrappers, and also broken glass. We also have actual garbage dumpers.

They are the real scumbags.

They are not pigs but scum bags disguised as people.

When I see garbage bags dumped, I stop and lift them out of the ditch onto the road. It takes time but it eventually gets picked up. On Glenmore last week, I noticed a large amount of garbage dumped, including a big amount of cardboard. Wake up, scumbag. Cardboard is picked up every week with the recycling.

What to do: The city, I am sure, could do a better job cleaning up problem areas. Out of sight, out of mind for the politicians. They want more people moving in. I am sure there will be dirty filthy scumbags disguised as people included. The problem will only get worse. If only these dirty scum bags would realize their city is their home, their province, country, and even their world is their home. Little chance of that from these sub-humans.

Brian Gerty