LETTER: Let’s applaud our emergency workers

Last weekend I saw ambulances, police cruisers and a fire truck lined down the street.

Last weekend, as I went for a walk down 7th Ave. in Mission, I could see ambulances, police cruisers and a fire truck lined down the street. When I got to the scene, I saw a woman laying face up on the sidewalk while someone was doing CPR.

She didn’t seem to be breathing on her own and they were giving her chest compressions for what seemed like an eternity. Someone came up beside me and said she collapsed on the sidewalk only five minutes earlier.

She may have been longer than five minutes, yet it’s likely emergency services were there very fast. As they continued, I could see they had something that looked like a resuscitator over her mouth while they were performing CPR.

After what seemed to be a long while, the lady looked to be finally breathing on her own again. A second ambulance had already arrived by this time and she was then taken away. I may have been there for around 10 minutes in total.

Emergency services did an amazing job, yet no one clapped at the end like you may see at sporting events or anything like that.

They just did what they’ve been trained to do and then hurried her off to the hospital. I felt they did a really great job that day and I thought someone should say thank you. So, I’m saying thank you for being there and doing what you did. You’re much appreciated in our community.


Dan Cameron