LETTER: Leave the Bronze Age mythology behind

Church is the location for religious education

Re: Ron Gray’s answer to BCHA

After reading this ludicrous letter with so many holes that one could drive an 18-wheeler of logical fallacies through, it would have been easy to dismiss Mr. Gray’s letter as an April Fool joke. Sadly, it wasn’t so.

Mr Gray’s arguments are all over the place and illogical at best and to start debunking them all properly would require a two-page article. Let us remind him that although he’s allowed his opinion, he’s not allowed to his own facts.

If Mr. Gray is so concerned for religious education, he should be well aware that the church is the location for that. School is for math and science – church is for your particular brand of mythology.

Canada is a secular democracy as established by the Supreme Court of this land, not the Magna Carta; the golden rule, David, Goliath and love your neighbour precede the bible; the greatest literature throughout history isn’t found in the book, I could go on forever.

Evolution is the basis of biology and thus any science based on it like medicine; it is not abiogenesis. If Mr. Gray thinks evolution is wrong, he must not believe his doctor either.

Maybe Mr. Gray should be reminded that even amongst Christians, evolution is widely accepted as fact and that his church was even once opposed to street lamps. There is a clear history of the church being opposed to every social progress brought on by our secular society. He should join the 21st century, leave the Bronze Age mythology behind and commend the actions of the BCHA.

The problem with the bible is that it makes you content that all answers are found within one book. In educating our kids in the 21st century, the thought that all answers can be found in a ancient mythology book deserves our ridicule.

Kevin Francis