LETTER: Justice delayed can be justice served

I also object that parents can’t or don’t discipline their children anymore...

Re: March 20 letter in the Abbotsford News, “Courts taking place of parents.”

I disagree with letter-writer Dan Garrett that courts need to step up and make a decision immediately, rather than delaying judgment.

I also object that parents can’t or don’t discipline their children anymore.

If we’re going to make hasty generalizations about parents, then I believe that the visible percentage of children outside the courtrooms is a great indicator that parents are doing a great job in disciplining their kids.

Without knowing what the proceedings Mr. Garrett observed pertained to, it is difficult to determine whether or not parents should be called into question.

The form of discipline needed for these cases may not be within the parents’ jurisdiction, thus court action is needed.

Moreover, the claim that these proceedings will “result in either a fine, probation or conditional discharge” are just a few of the many alternatives mentioned.

Again, without knowing the case, the final verdict could result in permanent relocation, introduction into foster care, or, worse, the school of crime – prison.

Furthermore, lawyers may already have all the particulars as to where, when and what and possibly know what would be the most just verdict, but lawyers have an obligation to their clients to argue strongly for their innocence, despite these particulars, and this can be a long process.

I understand how Mr. Garret sees postponing cases as stagnating; however, if it were my hind on the line, I would not mind it so much.

I’d want to be sure my side was heard and well presented – especially if I’m a youth with my whole life ahead of me.

Marc Forcier