LETTER: Hurtful words

Some time ago an article was published by Abbotsford Today has come to light about our parents...

Some time ago an article was published by Abbotsford Today, a website co-owned by council candidate Mr. Vince Dimanno and has come to light about our parents, both our father, Lyle Caldwell and our late mother, Christine Caldwell.

We are absolutely appalled and sickened by the hurtful and vengeful words.

Our mother taught us that we are all born of the same cloth and that we should be kind to people no matter how they treat us in return. She was the most thoughtful person that we have ever known, almost to a fault. How dare they say those unimaginable things about not only a person who would give the shoes off her feet (if it came to that) for anyone, but about the dead in such a way is just disrespectful, spiteful and arrogant.

We have been brought up in a political household and we understand that when you decide to be in the public eye you are opening yourself up for criticism, but we think that it is low to speak about anyone the way they did.

We along with our father, and his 10-year-old granddaughter are still grieving her loss and to have you so carelessly throw her memory out like the trash is honestly heartless.

Mr. Dimanno, we did hear your apology the other night at the all-candidates meeting and though you apologized to our father, you did not even mention all the other people, including us, his sweet granddaughter, and Ms. Ross to name a few.

Aynsley Caldwell and Chelsea Caldwell