LETTER: Humanists don’t represent secularism

They are trying to convince everyone else that they alone are the voice of reason

The BC Humanist Association is requesting permission to distribute two anti-Christian ‘comics’ within our schools. I have reviewed both of them in full.

“Are you scared of hell?” and “No thinking allowed?” are full of mockery and border on hatred towards Christianity. How this can be viewed as a way to get even for a mere 112 New Testaments being given out with appropriate consent?

I wonder why the humanists haven’t suggested comics that mock and ridicule Muslim or Sikh beliefs. Is it because the humanists are mostly concerned with eradicating Christianity from society, with the same fervour that they champion reproductive freedom?

The BCHA should perhaps request permission to distribute a copy of the current Humanist Manifesto or other set of principles and doctrines they happen to subscribe to. That would be an equal opportunity to tell all those who provide permission what they believe in.

But, considering their obvious disdain for Christianity, it’s no surprise they would rather mock and ridicule as they have done for more than 30 years locally, and not tell us about the true origin of humanist thinking. And to add to the confusion, the humanists would like you to believe that they represent secularism, when in fact they don’t. Humanists have stolen the word “secular” and to this day, are trying to convince everyone else that they alone are the voice of reason, and that belief in their values is the only true way forward for humankind.

Keith Hebert