LETTER: Honesty in Abbotsford young people

Dear Editor:

Integrity is alive and well in the younger generation in Abbotsford.

On Jan. 5, in Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, I left a glove, and my wallet containing approximately $300 in cash – Canadian & U.S. currency – plus credit card, driver’s licence, and many cards, on a seat outside Coles book store.

About 20 minutes later, an announcement for my name – ‘come to the customer service centre’ – the person there had my wallet and glove, all intact. She said, “Two young boys returned this, they were quite concerned.”

Unfortunately, she did not get their names. I wanted to write this hoping to contact these boys or their parents. I am so grateful to them. We hear so much criticism of the younger generation and parents, I would like to make this known.

– Dawn Strathy