LETTER: Homeless men in downtown area anyways

I believe that a good indication that a society is healthy can be measured in the way it treats the least fortunate of its people.

I believe that a good indication that a society is healthy can be measured in the way it treats the least fortunate of its people.

There are people in this community that say they would show compassion. If only!

Putting conditions on compassion says that you are not compassionate – just good thoughts or how you like to think of yourself but without any action.

With regard to the proposed transition house; if all of those opposed were to drive around Abbotsford to look for a “more suitable” place, guaranteed there would be objections against every one.

I am a  downtown merchant but can think of no better location than the one proposed.

Yes, it’s close to downtown, but it’s where those less fortunate hang out anyway, and it will be close to where they can get the assistance they need.

It’s close to my home and I will walk by it daily, but I’m OK with that. These people are victims of circumstance who have chosen to hide their pain behind drugs or alcohol.

Most people in pain hide behind something, but most don’t have the added pain of being homeless.

Please give this project your support.


Gary Huntbatch