LETTER: Homeless deserve basic rights

Grace is something that is given free of charge...

Grace is something that is given free of charge. Homelessness, drug addition, physically and mentally ill people deserve to have chicken manure on them by our government and have the police pepper spray their belongings and cut up their tents with knives?

Believe it or not these people are taxpayers too and deserve basic human rights that all Canadians have. A person becomes homeless for various reasons. We as a community need to help each other out! We are a “First World” country.

By helping the less advantaged we teach our children compassion, education, and understanding. Would it be OK if people walked around with mace and chicken manure in their pockets and shoved or sprayed anyone they want to because they are having a problem with them?

Go ahead kids throw chicken manure and mace at whoever you want to because you are good taxpayers? Give me a break! Help those who are hurting.

Just remember you could become homeless at the drop of a hat too! We pay for our governments to help us out! Well, do your taxpaying job and do something to help out those in need!

The 5 and 2 Ministries go right into the heart of Abbotsford to ask the homeless ‘How can we help you?’ The answers simple. We need a home and a helping hand up! Not a handout! Heesh!

Cherie Riehl