LETTER: Groping incident should be prosecuted

Man approached and attempted to reach for private parts

Two weeks ago on the freeway, westbound between Abbotsford and Aldergrove, I stopped at a rest stop to go to the restroom. I left my car and before I could get to the washroom, a man approached me from the side and attempted to reach for my private parts!

I pushed his hand away and went back to my car. I took his licence number down, and make and model of the car. I went to the Abbotsford Police Department to lay a complaint. I got a file number and was told a policeman would call me. I got a quick reply. I gave him a description of the man.

I was then told that this rest stop was a known hangout for gay men. My question is – why are we allowing a public facility like this to be used for this purpose? If any man would grope a woman or a child on the way to the washroom, he would be prosecuted, and he should be.

What are we going to do about this? I am just a handicapped senior who needed to go to the restroom.

Rudy Plett