LETTER: Giving parents an option is not a violation of the constitution

Human culture has always been interested in religion and spirituality

I find it rather strange that the Humanist Association calls itself atheistic.  Maybe it’s even more strange that atheists call themselves humanists.  The dictionary definition of humanism is “any system of thought or action principally or exclusively concerned with human interests and values”.

Humanism arose in the Middle Ages Europe when scholars began studying Latin and Greek culture which were polytheistic – not atheistic. This movement came to its climax in the Renaissance, which again was anything but atheistic. Just look at the artistic creations of the greatest names of that time such as Michelangelo.

Human culture, from its earliest times, has always been interested in religion and spirituality (Many atheists, even today, are proponents of cosmic consciousness and spirit guides).  A culture’s religious and spiritual beliefs have always defined their moral and ethical values, and therein lies the problem.

Today’s humanism is an outgrowth of naturalistic philosophy which, in its most basic form, believes that morality is an artificial human creation that restricts the individual’s right to live his life however he wishes. The logical result of naturalism in society is chaos.

Humanists and naturalists detest the Bible because they can not philosophically accept  a God, or gods, that set moral and ethical limitations on them. Only a philosophy that allows them to have 100% unrestricted control of their own lives is acceptable.

Trying to enforce their philosophy upon society in general, and our schools in particular, is contrary to their basic tenet of individual rights.

Giving parents the option is not a violation of the constitution or the School Act, only of the humanistic philosophy.  It is in fact an opportunity for them to exercise their legal rights as parents.


Don St.Pierre