LETTER: Give seniors a break on facility passes

It would save money in that less people would need health care.

I am a senior and have been a patrol of the Matsqui Community Centre for years, trying to keep fit and staying out of the health care system.

The cheapest way to do this is to buy a yearl pass. But at this stage in my life, it is hard because of the extra medication, hearing aids, dentures, etc. we seniors need.

Our city gives annual passes to seniors at 90 years. To me it is a big joke. How about lowering the age to a more reasonable age, say about 80-85, and give us seniors a break.

The facilities are there. It would not cost you more money. I believe it would save you money in that less people would need health care.

Thumbs up for Trevor Linden, who opened a gym for $14.99 a month, no contract and no start-up fee. I would join in a minute, but at my advanced years, I enjoy the pool the most. It’s easier on the joints.


Anna Kessenich