LETTER: Fine those who take our water for granted

Effective motivation will come readily with a stiff fine...

Although this may be written tongue-in-cheek, it is, however, a serious suggestion to those at city hall for one solution to solve two problems: effectively executing bylaws and creating funds for empty city coffers simultaneously.

An illustrative example: water shortage vs. the selfishness of those who have basically “given the finger” in contemptuous disregard to those who have recognized the necessity of the residents’ collective drive of not unduly depleting our water supply. Many have sacrificed their beautiful lawns to the greater good.

I would offer the suggestion to the bylaw officers, who have only given ineffectual warnings and letters, so save the paper and the trees for the transgressors very well knew what they were doing.

Effective motivation will come readily with a stiff fine. It must be stiff, or over-the-top, for the reality to impact the brain. Payment, with no excuses for they had the option of keeping the law, must obviously be as close to immediate as possible.

Although the minority will continue to trespass and also continue to bemoan the unfairness of all the fines, the City coffers will be visibly filling up.

S. Greiner