LETTER: Financial logic should guide decisions

As we have learned, history often repeats itself...

Congratulations to city elders for finally making the no-brainer decision to extract taxpayers from further Abbotsford Heat-related financial pain.

As we have learned, history often repeats itself.

Hoping not to repeat decisions made by those who, through their naive, star-struck visions of glory refused to ensure a professional business plan including adequate market research, let’s be a little more “practical” when in future spending (investing?) taxpayers’ money.

To those councillors who originally so enthusiastically promoted and approved bringing the Abbotsford Heat into our community, please consider even for a few moments comments made by Jordan Bateman, B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, that $12.7 million could have provided citizens “a lot of cops; that’s a lot of road repairs; that’s a lot of sewer and water infrastructure that could have been built.”

Go gamble your own money in local casinos if you wish, but you had no right to play with taxpayer dollars!

Sitting city councillors, it’s nice that you occasionally allow emotions to shape your thinking, but please don’t allow them to overrule financial logic when responsible for spending other people’s money.

Tony Jones